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A Hydrafacial is often described as an experience rather than a treatment. They are incredibly popular and favoured by many people, with a vast celebrity following due to its ability to achieve incredible results. A Hydrafacial helps to refine the look and feel of the complexion we often recommend them to those who are affected by: dull skin, dry skin, sensitive or inflamed skin, enlarged pores, pigmentation and to combat the subtle signs of ageing.

A Hydrafacial delivers non-invasive skin surfacing technology through its unique six-stage process:

STEP 1 – detoxing the skin involves increasing circulation to assist lymphatic drainage. This helps to oxidate the cells, restore hydration, firm the skin and eliminate toxins.

STEP 2 – deep cleansing and exfoliation will remove dead skin cells at the same time as salicylic acid and other botanical extracts are applied to nourish the skin. 

STEP 3 – a solution containing glycolic acid and salicylic acid helps to both brighten the skin and loosen any debris lodged in the pores.

STEP 4 – extraction using gentle suction removes blackheads and other impurities.

STEP 5 – hydrating the skin involves a cocktail of hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and peptides that is applied directly to the skin.

STEP 6 – enhancing the results of the first 5 stages, and refining the condition of the skin is achieved through the rejuvenating effects of LED phototherapy. Red and infrared light calms inflammation and stimulates the production of collagen.

A Hydrafacial is great when used on its own or in combination with other rejuvenating skin treatments for optimal skin refinement. It is used regularly by many people who find it supports the results of their usual skincare regime.  


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Frequently asked questions

Almost everyone over the age of 14 is suitable for a Hydrafacial.

However, it is not suitable in pregnancy or whilst breastfeeding or if you have severe allergy to Honey or Shellfish.

Also anyone with an active skin condition such as sunburn or severe acne should avoid ensure this is under control before having a Hydrafacial.

No. Throughout the treatment we will use a variety of application techniques. Whilst they may not cause any pain or discomfort, slight pressure may be felt during various stages of the treatment.

The skin may look a little flushed immediately after treatment, this will normally subside within 1-2 hours.

Very rarely clients may react to the ingredients or experience a flare-up of an existing skin condition. It’s important to declare all details about the condition of your skin and any allergies you may have to ensure complications are less likely to arise.

Results are noticeable immediately and will continue to improve over the next 7 days. The skin will become clearer, brighter and more radiant looking, with a texture that is smoother and softer. Regular treatments will maintain results. Recommended every 4-6 weeks.

From £95


From £ 95


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