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With the advancement of aesthetic technologies it’s now possible for clients to achieve less wrinkles and more lift without the need for surgical or invasive procedures. Facial rejuvenation has often involved the use of injectables, however, this is not the case with EMFACE. This breakthrough treatment addresses the upper, mid and lower-face when volume loss, sagging skin and wrinkles are ageing the face. The results produce a naturally enhanced and refreshed appearance of the skin and restores facial contours. Backed by 9 clinical studies, EMFACE delivers on average a 37% reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, 23% more lift in the face and 30% more muscle tone; restoring and elevating the structure of the face.

The EMFACE device contains 3 applicators which are placed on the forehead and cheeks to address the main elevators in the face. The applicators simultaneously emit RF (radiofrequency) and HIFES (high intensity focused electromagnetic stimulation) technologies. RF targets the skin, delivering thermal energy to the fibrous tissue which stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin, as well as tightening the skin. The HIFES works to strengthen the facial muscles for more lift and tone.

A course of 4 treatments is required, taken approximately 1 week apart.

The results develop gradually with tangible results seen 4 weeks after the forth treatment and optimal results seen 12 weeks post the forth treatment. The condition of the skin will continue to improve over several weeks and months, becoming smoother, firmer and fuller.

The effects are seen for up to 2 years, with many people choosing to repeat the procedure annually to maintain results.


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This treatment is suitable for anyone looking to naturally reverse the signs of facial ageing, reduce wrinkles and lift the skin on the face. Known as a ‘non-surgical face-lift’, EMFACE is a fantastic alternative for people not wanting undergo surgical procedures or injectables.

Many people would describe EMFACE as a pain-free treatment. The pads emit warmth and a slight tingling sensation may be felt during the session which is to be expected, and is an indication that the technologies are doing their job.

EMFACE is a low-risk treatment with no side effects attached. It would be normal for the skin to look a little flushed immediately after the treatment, as the underlying tissues have been warmed. The facial muscles may also feel slightly tight. Any side effects will usually ease within a couple of hours.

Around 30 days after the last treatment, the brows, cheeks and jawline will appear lifted. Skin tightening will also help to soften facial lines and refresh the overall appearance.

£2500 for 4 treatments or £695 per treatment.


From £ 695


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