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Hair Loss

Hair Loss

Hair loss can occur in both men and women. For men this is usually associated with ageing, as many men lose their hair as they get older, experiencing pattern baldness at the front and top of their head. This condition can also affect women, and female pattern baldness is more common than many people believe, often showing as thinning hair or a wider parting. Those affected by hair loss can feel less confident with their appearance as they may think it contributes to an aged look, or causes them to stand out as looking ‘different’.

Pattern baldness is usually a result of hormonal changes, causing a change to the rate at which the follicles produce new hairs, or stop producing them altogether. This is often hereditary and can be influenced by either the paternal or maternal genes. Pregnancy, childbirth, cancer treatment or stress and emotional trauma can also lead to a fluctuation in hormone levels, triggering a change in the usual hair growth cycle. Alopecia is another common hair loss condition that can affect anyone of any age. There are different variations of this concern, where the hair loss may occur in isolated patches, or more widespread on the hair or body. Hormones, infections, certain medications, medical conditions, nutritional deficiency or frequent pulling on the hair are possible causes which can be identified by a doctor or other medical professional.

Treating hair loss may depend on its cause. Daleswood Aesthetics will carry out a thorough  consultation and review your medical history to help us determine the possible causes.

We may recommended a course of Hydrafacial Keraive treatments to restore the scalp health with PRGF Endoret, which is a regenerative therapy that uses the client’s own blood to extract stem cells and growth factors. These are and then injected into the affected area of hair loss to stimulate the follicles and restart the hair growth cycle.

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